Welcome to my new website

Hey guys, welcome to my website called La Higuera de Seda.  I just wanted to say “Hello.”

As you know, Art has such variation.  Whether you are sculpting, love music, create abstract objects, it’s all the same to the true artist.  The true artist does not have to enjoy, every other type of art they see, but the true artist will respect every other art they come across.  Obviously we all love silk paintings.  Vietnamese artHowever, that’s only one of many passions I hold.  I think respect is a term, that can be considered across all walks of life.  It is a universal aspect, which can be attributed beyond art, and to any topic we may come across.  One thing I pride myself in, is the ability to have respect and admiration, towards all walks of life.  You are looking at a beautiful Vietnamese silk painting.  You can find so much beauty in other cultures.

Art can be considered a platform that erases the lines of cultures, across the globe.  In fact, some of the earliest silk paintings hailed from Asia.

I would really like to discuss this, as we journey together, within this website.  You will find beautiful silk paintings and additional artwork, beyond your imagination.  As I continue to open boundaries we may not be used to, I will bring you other fascinating pieces of artwork, from all throughout history, while we tap into ourselves to become who we want to be tomorrow.

Enjoy the ride!

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