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So I have been practicing what I preach.  I have been focusing on good things happening.  I really want good things to happen to me; Don’ t we all?  I am not going to go into the whole thing, but I ended up getting nominated to choose a limo company for some friends:


This is where it gets really trippy and becomes very positive for me.  Somehow, I get nominated to get this whole limo thing together for me and a bunch of friends.  LMAO, because it was not even my idea.  I was trying to understand how this excursion defaulted on to me, but as you will watch it unfold below, it is quite astonishing.  At any rate, there is a billion choices out there to choose for a limo company.

So as I was saying,  I have been following the “protocol”.  I have been expecting good things to happen, almost like the way you felt when Christmas was coming.  Remember when Christmas time was around, and Believe to Achieveyou were so excited.  Bottom line is, when you got up the next morning, you new there were presents under the tree for you to open.  You absolutely, without a doubt, new that tomorrow you had gifts coming.  Whether they were from Santa Clause, or other family, you were going to rip the paper off, and find something that was yours.

Now I want you to realize something.  You believed you were getting presents, and you did.  This is the magic.  If you conceive a thought, believe the thought, you will achieve the results.

So this is kind of funny, well interesting, actually really cool and on point with our topic.  Some friends and I were going to an event, and with the way the world is today, nobody wanted to drive, or at least drive home after the event.  Somebody suggested we pitch in for a limo, so we could all just relax and enjoy ourselves.  Anyways we did and it was a great night.  This is the weird part.  I was looking to bring in some extra money recently for something I wanted.  I had this golf cart, that was cool, but I really did not use it very often, so I decided I was going to sell it, but was not very motivated.

What is so cool is, the amount I could sell it for, would be the perfect amount of money for me to buy what I was interested in.  So in thinking about selling it, I thought how I really did not want to do the advertising, trailer it to the corner, basically put the time in necessary to sell this thing.  So, with my current studies, I decided to feel good about selling the cart.  I imagined all of the good times the buyer would have in their new golf cart.  It made me happy, that they could enjoy something I no longer had a need for.  Now realize, I was focusing on this, so that when I put it up for sale, I expected a buyer would show up quickly.

What I did not realize is how it would be sold.  I thought I knew what would happen, but we never do.  However, I did feel positive about selling it.  I did not want to put it up for sale, right?  So let’s go back to the fact that I had to put the Limo thing together for everyone…….

It turns out the company was awesome.  We all had a killer time.  The Chauffeur was cool as hell.  Now here is the most important piece.  You may want to re-read my thought process above, before the next sentence.  It turns out, this guy/chauffeur needs the exact style of golf cart I have.  He came by today, paid what I was asking, and introduced me to his wife.  His wife works in the industry my wife works in, and she is looking for a new company to transition too.  Talk about win….Win….WIN!



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