Your Beginning and Silk

ReflectionsKind of interesting.  It does not matter what topic you think of, there is some sort of beginning of where it came from.  Before, we discussed the origins of the art of silk painting.  History is sometimes skewed, so we really are not sure, if even Wikipedia is correct.  But one thing is sure.  It started somewhere.  Think about yourself!


What was your beginning?


What were the things that you went through in life, to become who you are today?

You have to realize, just as in art, you are ever-changing, should you choose to be.  You may be, or know someone, who is the same person they have always been.  There is nothing wrong with that, unless who they have become is not a good person.  The point is to understand who you are and why.  If you understand why you have become the person you are today, then you truly understand how to become whoever you want to be.  Simply see the steps that brought you to where you currently stand.  Then see what other steps could have been taken, to become a better version of yourself.  A key ingredient to the betterment of one, is desire.  Just as a true artist has a definitive desire to express him/herself through their artwork, you too can desire to become something different or more.

You might say that success is a decision away.  It all stems from the way we think about our lives and ourselves. Think about the way you feel when you look as a painting that moves you.  Because you feel good, you like the painting and because you like the painting you feel good.  Well there’s a theory that like attracts like.  Do you remember the saying as a kid, “I’m rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces of me and sticks on you”!  That is so true.  Whatever you send out into the universe, bounces off, comes back and sticks on you: Law of Attraction.

So the question to ponder, for our next session is, Do you want to think negative and have negative come back and stick to you, or do you want to thing positive thoughts, so that positive things bounce off, and stick to you?

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