Sticky Positive is Good

So I have been practicing what I preach.  I have been focusing on good things happening.  I really want good things to happen to me; Don’ t we all?  I am not going to go into the whole thing, but I ended up getting nominated to choose a limo company for some friends:


This is where it gets really trippy and becomes very positive for me.  Somehow, I get nominated to get this …

Welcome to my new website

Hey guys, welcome to my website called La Higuera de Seda.  I just wanted to say “Hello.”

As you know, Art has such variation.  Whether you are sculpting, love music, create abstract objects, it’s all the same to the true artist.  The true artist does not have to enjoy, every other type of art they see, but the true artist will respect every other art they come across.  Obviously we all love silk paintings.  …

Your Beginning and Silk

ReflectionsKind of interesting.  It does not matter what topic you think of, there is some sort of beginning of where it came from.  Before, we discussed the origins of the art of silk painting.  History is sometimes skewed, so we really are not sure, if even Wikipedia is correct.  But one thing is sure.  It started somewhere.  Think about yourself!


What was your beginning?


What were the things that you went through in …